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General FAQs

During Arrival

  • Where are the visitors received after they arrive at the airport?
    The incoming visitors are met just outside the arrival lounge of the airport as the government regulations do not allow representatives of travel agents to enter the airport.

  • How do they identify your representative?
    Our representative can be identified easily having the visitors’ play card displaying the name of the group (individuals in case of FITs).

  • After meeting your representative, will they be taken to their vehicle immediately?
    We take our guests to our private vehicle immediately after they have been met in the airport and taken to the hotel.

  • Do they carry their luggage themselves?
    As the guests can meet our representative only outside the arrival lounge, they have to carry their luggage in the trolleys through the customs up to the exit point on their own and then hand over the same to our representative after meeting him. He takes care of their luggage till they check in at the hotel.

  • On arrival at the hotel, does your representative escort them to the front desk and assist them in check-in formalities?
    The guests are escorted up to the hotel's front office and our representative assists them in the check-in formalities.

During Transfer

  • What type of vehicles is used for transfers?
    The type of vehicle provided for a particular transfer depends upon the request and the size and strength of the arriving group.

  • Are the tourists given an orientation of the tour as a part of their transfer?
    During their transfer from the airport to the hotel or after they arrive at the hotel, the tourists are generally briefed on.

During Stay

  • Whom should the tourist contact during their stay?
    We assign one of our tour executives to look after our clients, who constantly stays in touch with them during their stay in and they keep informing/briefing them about their itinerary including sightseeing and every other information.

  • Do you assist to reconfirm their onward flight?
    The onward flight of all our clients are duly reconfirmed by our staff in time and the status is informed to them. Even if the departure transfer is not booked, we do reconfirm their onward flight as a matter of courtesy.

During Departure

  • How many hours prior to the departure flight are passengers picked -up from their hotel?
    The clients are picked from their hotel 2-3 hours before the time of their departure flight.

  • How are the passengers assisted in their transfer?
    Our executive meets them in the lobby of the hotel in which they are staying and assist them to transfer.


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