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Cate Belleveau, Minnesota USA

Hello! I am an educator from northern Minnesota in the US of A. who just completed a 17 day loop trek to Everest base camp with Kul Prasad Subedi who goes by the nickname of KP. I want anyone who is considering a trek to consider KP as their guide as he not only is very knowledgeable in the culture, people, customs, flora, fauna, mountains, and anything else one would want to know about Nepal, but also has a GREAT sense of humor! He will make you laugh along the trekking trail! I had an absolutely awesome time and 95% of this is directly attributable to having KP as my professional guide. KP watches out for your safety and checks in just the right amount to see how you are doing as you complete the trek. He is a true gentleman. I appreciated being able to trek at my own pace as I was coming from flat MN at 1500 feet . He not only has professionalism in dealing with any safety factors along the way, but makes sure you are comfortable both physically and psychologically and so I highly recommend KP. Not only was he a guide extraordinaire, but he lined up an opportunity for me to connect with a school in his home area so that we might become sister schools with the school on a Native American reservation where I teach. Please feel free to contact me at Cate Belleveau (

Anita voscamp, Netherland


I was able to spend 12 days with KP in Nepal, visiting the lower Mustang area.

I would recommend KP as a trekking guide to all kind of people, He is very good and friendly with everybody, You feel at home as soon as you see this guy. Also great knowledge about culture, flowers, animals noises and much more. He has a good sense of humor and not to forget he loves eating, so always a good place to eat. If I did not want to talk I was walking next to him dreaming away. He knows when to talk and let people in their own nature.

So, do not hesitate going somewhere with KP! I am sure you will have a great time. Please feel free to contact me a
Anita voscamp.

Betsy and Peter snow, Marathon Florida USA

We did a 6 days / 5 night trek to PoonHill and back with KP.

KP was an excellent guide who told us all about the mountains .KP is enjoyable to be around and he loves to learn new things. He has a good logic of humor and he loves eating, so always a good place to eat. If we highly recommend him as a guide. Good luck with your photography and we hope to by your books some day. Thank you for wonderful treks.


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